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Empire Group India
Empire Group India
WHY choosing Our CompanyWHY Choosing Our Company
  • A premier organization in the field of construction.
  • Focus on excellence.
  • Customer oriented strategies.
  • Unique style in design.
  • Contemporary life style.
  • Realizing dreams on time.
Corporate Info

corporate info

Giving SHAPE to dreams… fulfilling ambition of a life time… offering a place where memories will linger… an ample lifestyle for everyone. This has been our pursuit… our pursuit for over a decade.

Proudly established in 1992 in the emirates, we are now venturing into India in Kerala and Karnataka.  We have made our mark in the Emirates by completing over 100 projects, from flats to Villas, commercial buildings to shopping malls and town-ships. Our success in all these years has been the unique style in design and construction which distinguished us from others. Completion of projects on time and endurance of the structures are our hall marks. They speak for themselves.

With its un-challenged foot prints established in the emirates, we realize that our real success would be in contributing our expertise to our very own nation. To introduce a style which will be ‘simple but beautiful’, ‘Porsche but economic’. We ensure its utility to the last single Penny spent. We are introducing a style that will be luxurious. Money does not always mean luxury and style. We bring luxury and aesthetics through elegant architecture, innovative material technology and skilled workmanship that creates the best Architectural splendor for you. Also that gives your money worth twice as much.

The success of our company depends on a wider customer base. Individuals, Government and semi Government organization are all part of our success story. Each of the section carries different concepts regarding space utilization. We realize it and deliver them accordingly. Timely completion of project has been the hallmark. This enable us to enjoy trust and co-operation from our clients.

We are using our own human resources. This ensures consistency in our works. They are skilled and trained professionals in their respective fields. They are exposed to international quality standards in constructions. Our engineers and supervisors thus manage to deliver quality endurance and style. The materials we use are the best available in the market and selected with extreme care.

Our work force is equipped with state of the art automated tools ensuring precision and finishes.

Rivers, meadows, mountains, forest, sun rising and birds chirping, clouds moving, sun setting, stars glowing, glowing moon… these are the things that makes more happy. Happiness brings good thoughts and make us dream. And we the Empires that help to make your dreams into reality. A real dwelling where all those dements of happiness will make its presence.

We welcome you to share them.